100 Examples of Pronoun in Sentences


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As we know that a pronoun is a word which is used in place of a noun. For example; I, We, You, He, She, It and They.

  • Ram is a doctor. He runs a clinic.
  • I have a cat. It is black.
  • I know that man. He is a player.
  • You have a book. It is new.
  • This is the man who doesn’t know me.

Note: In the above sentences, the words written in bold are nouns. The words in red colour are Pronouns which are used in place of nouns.

100 Examples of Pronoun in Sentences
100 Examples of Pronoun in Sentences

In this post, you will read 100 examples of pronoun in sentences with definition. Examples of pronoun in sentences contain a pronoun with its sentence.

100 Examples of Pronoun in Sentences

1. I – I am going to Kanpur to meet my mother tomorrow.
2. We – We are playing hockey with our friends in the field.
3. He – He is my best friend.
4. She – She is singing a song on the stage.
5. You – You are going to Agra to see the Tajmahal.
6. It – It is raining today.
7. They – They are repairing their cycle.
8. Who – Who is there?
9. Whom– Whom do you want to teach?
10. What – What do you want?
11. Which – Which is your pen?
12. One– One must do one’s duty.
13. Anyone – Anyone can do this work if he tries.
14. Me – The woman wants to ask me something.
15. Your – I like your photos which clicked yesterday.
16. Mine – Those books are mine.
17. Himself – He opened the door himself.
18. Herself– She closed the window herself.
19. All – All were busy in the office.
20. None – None of the boys read the book.
21. Some – Some are born great.
22. Nobody – Nobody attended the class.
23. Some one– Some one stole my car.
24. Everybody – Everybody knows Jawahar Lal Nehru.
25. Few – Few knows her address.
26. Who – I, who am your friend will help you.
27. Whose – I know a girl whose brother is an engineer.
28. Whom – I met an old man whom I gave hundred rupees.
29. Which – I have a dog which barks all day .
30. That – I have a lion that roars all day.
31. What – You gave me a watch what does not give right time.
32. This– This is my pen.
33. That – That is your house.
34. These – These are six mangoes.
35. Those – Those were beautiful gardens.
36. Each – Each of the boys got a prize.
37. Neither – Neither of the two boys was invited.
38. Either – Either of the roads leads you to college.
39. Everyone – Everyone of the six girls went there.
40. Both – Both of the two girls are intelligent.
41. None – None should hate the kids .
42. Myself – I hurt myself.
43. Ourselves – We hurt ourselves.
44. Herself – She loves herself.
45. Himself – He deceived himself.
46. Themselves – The men hid themselves.
47. Yourself– If you do so , you will hurt yourself.
48. Each other – Mohan and Sohan like eachother.
49. One another – Seeta and Geeta like one another.
50. He – She is my best friend.

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51. She – She is a good student.
52. We – We are good friends.
53. You – You are very beautiful.
54. They – They are very innocent.
55. It – It is very hot day.
56. I – I have a watch .
57. This – This is a cow.
58. These – These are mangoes .
59. Those – Those girls are very naughty.
60. Who – Who is he ?
61. Whom – Whom does he like?
62. What – What is your name ?
63. Which – Which is your shirt?
64. Who – Who is the president of India?
65. Its – The jury gave its verdict.
66. Their – The jury were divided in their opinion.
67. None – There was none for you.
68. Everyone – I shall be glad to help everyone of my boys in his studies.
69. Each – Each one must do his duty.
70. Such – I hate such boys as waste their time .
71. I – I have been teaching English for two years.
72. Mine – This pen is mine.
73. Ours – This book is ours.
74. It – It is a pencil.
75. That – I know the man that came yesterday.
76. Who – Where is the boy who stood first in the class?
77. Whom – Whom did you see there?
78. Which – Which of you has done this work?
79. Same – My problem is the same as yours.
80. Such – Avoid such people as waste their time.
81. That – Eat anything that you like.
82. Each other – Sarika and Kanak love each other.
83. Neither – Neither of the servants was sincere.
84. Either – Either of them has left the room.
85. Myself – I myself write this letter.
86. Yourself – You yourself play the cricket.
87. Ourselves – We ourselves met father.
88. Themselves – They themselves accepted your mistake.
89. One another – These girls laughed at one another.
90. Each other – Those brothers love each other.
91. Which – The home in which he lives is very clean .
92. Whom– This is the girl whom I met yesterday.
93. Whose – This is the child whose father is a farmer.
94. Which – The pen which is black is mine.
95. Whose– This is the problem whose solution is difficult.
96. Who – Yesterday I met a man who was blind.
97. All – all were safe.
98. Some– some students are naughty.
99. Someone – someone stole my book.
100. My – Seeta is my younger sister.

In the above sentences, you have read the examples of pronoun in sentences. In the beginning of post, they have explained the definition of pronoun with their examples. Before reading the sentences of pronoun.

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