Affirmative Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense


Affirmative Sentences of Present Indefinite. Present Indefinite Tense Affirmative Sentences. Examples of Affirmative Sentences. Simple present tense examples of Affirmative Sentences. What are the examples of Affirmative Sentences?

An affirmative sentence always makes an affirmative or positive statement. The statement of Present Indefinite Tense may describe actions that are habitual, regular, or generally true.

In this post, you will read about the affirmative sentences of present indefinite tense examples. These Affirmative Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense are very useful for the beginners who are learning English Grammar.

Affirmative Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense
Affirmative Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense

Affirmative Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense

Definition: An affirmative sentence in the Present Indefinite Tense describes actions that are habitual, regular, or generally true. It is formed using the base form of the verb. For Examples;

  • Rohan goes to market daily.
  • Sita goes to market by bus.
  • Sohan wants to read the story.
  • He lives in the City.
  • The girl plays in the field.
  • Mohan works in the factory.
  • I like my job.
  • She goes to school daily.
  • My children do not play football.
  • The Teacher teaches us English everyday.
  • I study English daily.
  • My brother works in a hospital.
  • You obey your elders.
  • They work here honestly.
  • I read the Ramayana daily.
  • Those boys play football everyday.
  • I do my work on time.
  • The girls sing a sweet song.
  • They swim in the river on Saturday.
  • My father goes to Delhi on Monday.
  • He washes his clothes.
  • The sun rises in the east
  • The earth moves around the sun.
  • They go to their office at 7:00 a.m..
  • My school was arrives here at 7.30 a.m.
  • These girls run on the road.
  • They study French at the University.
  • The girl of this town is very famous in the world.
  • We are true disciples of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • She is a very famous doctor.
  • Those boys are mischief.
  • I am a teacher of English.
  • My father always reads the Ramayana in the morning.
  • This boy always disturbs me.

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50 sentences in the Present Indefinite Tense:

1. We work in an office in the USA.
2. He speaks fluent English.
3. My family lives in a big house.
4. She plays the piano beautifully.
5. My sons study together in the evening.
6. The stars rises in the east.
7. The cat drinks milk in the kitchen.
8. These dogs bark at strangers.
9. I like to eat sweets.
10. He gets up early in the morning.
11. John reads a novel every night.
12. These four boys run three miles daily.
13. We watch the match every Sunday.
14. My teacher explains Physics well.
15. They want to go to Delhi tomorrow.
16. I enjoy reading old novels.
17. The boy solve the questions of mathematics everyday.
18. My father goes to station at 7:00 a.m.
19. He always helps the poor in his village.
20. She teachers physics at the university.
21. They often visit the Rameshwaram temple.
22. We attend the class every day.
23. The children play games in the park.
24. The students of our school swim in the pool.
25. Mr Jackman helps his friends regularly.
26. I write a letter to my mother everyday.
27. The man wants to with me.
28. They attend Urdu classes everyday.
29. The computer works quickly.
30. We celebrate 15 August as the independence day.
31. She takes exercises every morning.
32. He sings in the choir.
33. I often visit the library.
34. Our cat sleeps on the couch.
35. They speak French fluently.
36. They exercise at the gym.
37. The sun sets in the west.
38. She volunteers at the shelter.
39. He mows the lawn on Sundays.
40. My team listens to music in the evening.
41. That bus arrives on time.
42. We plant flowers in the garden.
43. The cook bakes cookies for holidays.
44. She takes care of her children.
45. He greets everyone with a smile.
46. I enjoy visiting the mountains.
47. The company hires the intelligent people.
48. They play badminton after school.
49. People visit the beach in the summer.
50. Jane helps her brothers with homework.

20 Sentences on Present Indefinite Tense

  1. I work in that company.
  2. She does her work on time.
  3. I clean my room everyday.
  4. She cooks food for her family.
  5. She flowers from the garden.
  6. Mohan goes to Delhi every week.
  7. The play cricket in the school playground.
  8. The girl sings a song everyday.
  9. The boy drives his car fast.
  10. Sita cleans her car with water.
  11. Mohan studies mathematics in the morning.
  12. These girls play cricket daily.
  13. This boy works hard for his exam.
  14. He watches movies every Sunday.
  15. The Gardner waters the plants in the evening.
  16. He often abuses his younger brother.
  17. The girl opens her store at 3 o’clock.
  18. They clean the room with the wipers.
  19. We ask him to help us.
  20. The dogs bite the strangers.

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How to make Present Indefinite Tense sentences.

To make present indefinite tense sentences be follow the instructions given below;

  • First of all, write write the subject of the sentence.
  • Then write the main verb of the sentence.
  • If the subject of the sentence is singular, add s or es to the main verb.
    • He plays.
    • She plays.
    • It rains.
    • The boy runs.
    • Mohan works.
  • If the subject of the sentence is plural, don’t add s or es to the main verb.
    • I play.
    • You play.
    • We play.
    • They play.
    • The girls play.
  • After the main verb, put the object if there is any.
  • After the object write the other words if there are any.

Structure: Subject + verb I + object + other + words


  • He goes to market everyday.
  • The boy runs in the field.
  • This man works in the company.
  • We love your thoughts.
  • I like my friends very much.
  • They open their shop at 7:00.
  • She plays badminton with us daily.
  • It rains heavily in the month of July.
  • We go to the school through the forest.
  • I respect my elders and teachers.
  • My friend always stand first in the class.
  • He always helps the poor and needy.
  • The boys play football in the stadium of our town.

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