100 Examples of Affirmative Sentences (Assertive Sentences)

100 Examples of Affirmative Sentences. 100 Examples of Affirmative Sentences (Assertive Sentences). One Hundred Examples of Affirmative Sentences in English Grammar. What are the examples of Affirmative Sentences?

An affirmative sentence always makes a positive statement or declare something that is positive. It is based on the structure of subject, verb and object. Every affirmative sentence contains a subject, verb and object.

In this post you will read the hundred examples of affirmative sentences. These examples are mixed examples of Affirmative Sentences of tense, modals and other topics.

100 Examples of Affirmative Sentences

1. The sun is hot.
2. I am busy now.
3. She goes to office on time.
4. I am doing my work now.
5. She cooks her food.
6. Mohan plays cricket in the park.
7. The boys make a noise there.
8. She has taught her child.
9. I am riding my bicycle now.
10. The man gave his son a lot money.
11. The girl was learning Music.
12. I can understand teach you English.
13. The sun rises in the East.
14. They have eaten some fruits.
15. The birds are flying in the sky.
16. It is raining outside.
17. He is a good man of our village.
18. The train is running on the track.
19. Our school opens at 7:00 a.m. in the morning.
20. Radha is a talented artist.
21. Our friends are loyal companions.
22. The teacher has explained this lesson twice.
23. My old book is on the table.
24. The store opens at 7 PM.
25. He enjoys playing the game on the computer.
26. The Gardner was plucking the flowers.
27. The Earth is a unique planet of our universe.
28. My parents appreciate your help.
29. The coffee smells delicious.
30. Their team won the championship yesterday.
31. She passed her Highschool exam last year.
32. The teacher checked the homework immediately.
33. The children are playing outside.
34. The car has a full tank of diesel.
35. My brother knows how to swim.
36. The next meeting is on Tuesday.
37. Our children built a sandcastle on the beach.
38. The waiter is bringing coffee for us.
39. Jaya is wearing a blue dress.
40. This new store opens at 9 AM.
41. The task is almost complete.
42. We’re going to Kanpur on Sunday.
43. The mobile is on the table.
44. The dog is sleeping soundly.
45. The soup tastes delicious.
46. The company is hiring some new employees.
47. The bus arrives at 3:30 PM.
48. John passed the interview yesterday.
49. The cat is jumping in the room.
50. The picture of our family is hung on the wall.

100 Examples of Affirmative Sentences (Assertive Sentences)
100 Examples of Affirmative Sentences (Assertive Sentences)

51. The dress I bought yesterday fits perfectly.
52. They had gone to Delhi by evening.

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53. The garden is full of plants and flowers.
54. The machanic repaired the car on the road
55. Our sister is learning new music.
56. We want to go to the museum next week.
57. I have completed my homework.
58. This tree has green leaves.
59. The sun is setting in the west.
60. They earned a lot money from the shop.
61. She is eating fresh cookies.
62. The railway station is well-maintained.
63. My daughter won the singing contest.
64. She is operating her computer now.
65. They have passed the exam.
66. We want to adopt a puppy.
67. She is searching a website to learn English.
68. He welcomed his guest warmly.
69. We are waiting for our grandparents eagerly.
70. The moon shines at night.
71. She prepared for the math test.
72. The computer of our shop run smoothly.
73. I bought a very tasty cake yesterday.
74. They drove her car fast on the road.
75. The man fought courageously in the war.
76. We solved the puzzle quickly.
77. The customer was trying to steal something from our store.
78. People wear woolen clothes in winter.
79. Sohan will go to America tomorrow.
80. The athlete can break the record.
81. The coffee shop was crowded yesterday.
82. She drew a beautiful picture on the canvas.
83. I was driving my car when you saw me.
84. I attended the event last month.
85. They scored 300 runs in the last match.
86. It has been raining for two hours.
87. She was memorizing a speech.
88. The phone is working
89. He missed his bus because he was late.
90. The cricket team won the match.
91. There car broke down on the way.
92. She has won the gold medal in the championship.
93. See can fly and aeroplane at night.
94. I want to invent an innovative machine.
95. He will assemble a new computer for me.
96. Sohan was taking a bath in the river.
97. The experiment was successful at the lab.
98. She closed her door and slept.
99. The technology is improving day by day.
100. The sun is shining brightly today.

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