100 Examples of Noun in Sentences

100 Examples of Noun in Sentences (Nouns in Sentences). What are the examples of Noun in sentences? Proper, Common, Material, Collective and Abstract Noun Examples.

In this post, you will read 100 examples of nouns in sentences. The examples of nouns are very easy to understand. We have listed the very common sentences of nouns. These sentences may be used in our daily life.

What is a noun?

A noun is the name of a person, place of thing. It can be touched or seen. For examples; John, Book, Rat, House etc.

100 Examples of Noun in Sentences
100 Examples of Noun in Sentences

Read 100 examples of noun in sentences given below;

100 examples of Noun in Sentences

  1. Table – I have a table.
  2. Chair – this is a chair.
  3. Pen – I want to buy a pen.
  4. India – India is my country.
  5. Window – This house has no windows.
  6. Computer – A computer is an electronic device.
  7. Agra – She lives in Agra.
  8. Team – My team is very strong.
  9. Gold – I have 10 gram gold.
  10. Apple – I eat an apple daily.
  11. Van – We go to school by van.
  12. Train – This train arrives in time.
  13. Silver – Silver is a very useful metal.
  14. Goat – I have got a goat.
  15. Honesty – Honesty is the best policy.
  16. Childhood – We never forget our childhood.
  17. George – George is my friend.
  18. Forest – Animals live in the forest.
  19. Airplane – Today I am going to Hong Kong airplane.
  20. Milk – Milk is a complete food. We should give our children milk daily.
  21. Water – Water is very necessary for our life we should not waste it.
  22. Thief – Yesterday the police arrested a thief who broke into our neighbours house.
  23. Fire – Fire is very dangerous. Children must be kept away from it.
  24. Doll – My kids always play with a doll.
  25. Child – This child has not drunk milk yet.
  26. Man – I don’t know this man Where does he live?
  27. Player – This player is very active. He can win this match.
  28. Teacher – A teacher is a very important person in our life. He teaches us to learn and write.
  29. Box – This box contains the red caps.
  30. Banana – I want to eat a banana. Give me one to eat.
  31. Brick – This house is made of bricks.
  32. Telivision – The television is an electronic device. We can watch news on it.
  33. Sugar – There is a little sugar in the glass.
  34. Book – I have lost my book.
  35. Bus – This bus is not going now.
  36. Honesty – honesty is the best policy.
  37. Knowledge – Incomplete knowledge is dangerous.
  38. Truth – You should always speak the truth.
  39. Boat – You should not stand on the boat.
  40. Player – Who has chosen this player?
  41. Doctor – My friend is a famous doctor.
  42. Pilot – This plane is flown by this pilot.
  43. Professor – His brother is a professor in this college.
  44. Horse – Horses run very fast.
  45. Map – I can’t study the Map of India.
  46. Ability – I have ability to swim across the river.
  47. Printer – My printer is not working.
  48. Garden – There is a beautiful peacock in the garden.
  49. Door – Don’t go through this door.
  50. Growth – The growth of our body depends on our daily diet.
  51. Company – I have got a job in your company.
  52. Anger – Your anger cannot be born by him.
  53. Cleverness – I like your cleverness.
  54. Beauty -The inside between lies within.
  55. Gun – you cannot take a gun to the school.
  56. Place – This place is very hot in summer.
  57. Wisdom – Wisdom of this man is praised by everyone.
  58. Apple – An apple should be eaten daily.
  59. Loneliness – My people live in loneliness.
  60. Joker – This joker is a very clever person.
  61. River –  The river of this state is very deep.
  62. Solitude – He likes solitude.
  63. Peace – He needs some peace and quiet.
  64. Soap – I don’t take a bath with this soap.
  65. Bells –  The bells of this temple can be heard from my house.
  66. Clothes – The people wear cotton clothes in the hot weather.
  67. Life – We must be educated in our life.
  68. Dustbin – Always throw the rubbish into the dustbin.
  69. Fear – My fear is that he may fail.
  70. Axe – The woodcutter lost his axe.
  71. Perfume – I don’t love French perfume.
  72. Sky – We can’t count the stars in the sky.
  73. Routine – His daily routine cannot be understood.
  74. System – What is your system for decorating the rooms?
  75. Sympathy – I have no sympathy with such people.
  76. Foot – Students go to school on foot.
  77. Cat – There is a black cat in the kitchen.
  78. Skill – The basic skill of computer is compulsory for this job.
  79. Rose – She wants to buy a rose.
  80. Grapes – The fox could not eat the sour grapes.
  81. Partnership – Our partnership in this business may be broken.
  82. Manners – we should always behave in good manners.
  83. Tomato – I don’t like tomato ketchup and sauce.
  84. Finger – My my finger has injured.
  85. Fish – The people of Kolkata heat fish with curry.
  86. Earth – the earth is called a blue planet.
  87. Cotton – Cotton Saree is very comfortable in the hot weather.
  88. Tragedy – He is unable to bear this tragedy.
  89. Plastic – Plastic bags must be banned.
  90. Silk – The silk of this cloth is very precious in the market.
  91. Vehicle – That Vehicle is very useful for our company.
  92. Smoke – There is much smoke in the room.
  93. Elephant – I saw a big black elephant in the forest.
  94. Irritation – Your words cause irritation.
  95. Fashion – That girl spoke about of fashion of her sisters.
  96. Trend – My mother follows the latest trends in fashion.
  97. Generation – The people of this generation are dependent on technology.
  98. Religion – What is your religion? Mine is Hindu, and yours?
  99. Philosophy – We must have simple philosophy.
  100. Belief – We we don’t have belief on your friends.

Now you have read the examples of nouns in sentences. You will be able to identify the nouns in the sentences. If you are not sure about the nouns, you may read about them on website in detail with examples.

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