100 Examples of Conjunctions in Sentences

100 Examples of Conjunctions in Sentences. Hundred sentences of conjunctions in English Grammar. Examples of 100 conjunctions in Sentences. What are the examples of conjunctions?

Definition of Conjunction: Conjunction is the word which joins two words, sentences or clauses, it is called conjunction.  Like –as, and, or, but, therefore, when, not only……but also,  etc.

100 Examples of Conjunctions in Sentences
100 Examples of Conjunctions in Sentences

In this post, you will read 100 examples of conjunctions in sentences. These examples are based on a very big list of conjunctions. If you have already studied about the conjunctions, this examples of conjunction in sentences may be very helpful for you.

100 Examples of Conjunctions in Sentences

1. And – I went home and learn my lesson.
2. Not only……..but also – Gopal is not only intelligent but also polite.
3. Both…..and – Sheela is both intelligent and polite.
4. As well as – Ram is intelligent as well as polite.
5. Or – Stand up or sit down.
6. Either……or – Either you or your friends have beaten this boy.
7. Neither…..nor – Neither you nor gopal is allowed to sit here.
8. Otherwise – Hurry up! otherwise the train will leave.
9. Yet – Gopal did not read at all yet he passed.
10. But– Meera is rich but she is not happy.
11. Still – Madhu is ill still he goes to school daily.
12. So – Mohan worked very hard so he passed.
13. Therefore – Rahul made a mistake therefore he was fined.
14. For – The name of Sardar Patel is immortal for great men never die.
15. But – Meera is clever but honest.
16. While – Megha is intelligent while her sister is fool.
17. If – If he comes here, I shall help him.
18. When – when he came here,Rahul was sleep soundly.
19. Before – the doctor had come before the patient died.
20. After – I went to School after he had eaten the food.
21. As soon as– They will make payment as soon as they recieve the product.
22. Until – Don’t open the window until I say.
23. Unless – Unless you call him, he will not speak.
24. That – He ran very fast that he might catch the train.
25. Lest– walk slowly lest you should fall down.
26. Because – Meera failed because she did not work hard.
27. As – Ravi passed as he worked hard.
28. No sooner…..than – No sooner did I reach the college than the peon rings the bell.
29. Where – I know where Mr. Sharma lives.
30. Though– Though Rahul is poor, he is satisfied.
31. Although – Meera is ill, she goes to school daily.
32. Till – wait here till I return.
33. Whenever – You may eat the food whenever you would like.
34. Wherever – You may sleep wherever you would like.
35. If – He talks as if he was drunk.
36. Unless – Unless you work hard ,you cannot get success.
37. And – I bought a cow and a goat.
38. And – Raju and Mohan are the best friends.
39. Scarcely…..when- scarcely had he entered the house when the phone rang.
40. Either or…… either he is unlucky or careless.

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41. As well as – You can as well as I are innocent.

42. Both……and – He was both expelled and fined.
43. Than – Prevention is better than cure.
44. Or – She must weep or she will die.
45. As soon as – As soon as the bell rang, the boys left the class.
46. Not only……..but also – It is not only useful but also ornamental.
47. Whether – I cannot say whether she will come here or not.
48. So that – I nursed him so that he might live.
49. But – He bought some food but did not eat it.
50. Since – They will join us since we want it.
51. As – As Raman was not there, I spoke to his mother.
52. Because – They did not play the match because it rained yesterday.
53. In order to – Ram worked hard in order to get good marks.
54. That – We eat that we may live.
55. So that – We work so that we may earn.
56. As – She is as beautiful as I.
57. Than – she is younger than you.
58. According as – The company selected the candidates according as they were qualified.
59. However – he cannot open it however hard she may try.
60. Although – Sheela is poor although she is honest.

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61. Because – Mohan will not dance because he is ill.
62. And – Rahul must work hard and make up for the lost time.
63. So – The student was careless so the teacher punished him.
64. Not only….but also – the robber not only robbed the traveller but also murdered him.
65. So – The sun rose so the fog dispersed.
66. That – Mohan confessed that he was criminal.
67. So……. that – Some people live so that they may eat.
68. Wherever – Let him sleep wherever he like.
69. Because – I dismissed my servant because he was dishonest.
70. Before– He had finished his work before it was noon.
71. When – The work was done when I was present.
72. Though– Though he is rich , he is not happy.
73. Otherwise – Confess your guilt otherwise you will be punished.
74. Therefore – I had fever therefore I couldn’t go to play.
75. And – Signal was given and the train started.
76. That – She is so intelligent that she can win this game .
77. Although – The boy was sad although he stood first in the examination.
78. Such as – Your action is such as cannot be pardoned.
79. Unless – Unless he works hard , he cannot pass.
80. While – Ram is clever while his brother is mad.
81. That – it is correct that Mohan has passed.
82. While – Meera learns her lesson while her brother wastes his time in playing cards.
83. Before– The patient had died before the doctor reached home.
84. Whenever – You may drink tea whenever you would like.
85. Yet – Rahul worked very hard yet he failed.
86. Still – The teacher was angry still he did not beat the students.
87. If – If you call your mother, I give you a pen.
88. Because – I will not go to school because I am ill.
89. By – By working hard you will pass.
90. If – If you speak the truth,you will be forgiven.
91. Unless – You will not succeed Unless you work hard.
92. But – The ship caught fire but the passengers were saved .
93. Though– Though the shop caught fire, the passengers were saved.
94. Or – Go away or I shall call the police.
95. Still – She started late still she finished first.
96. Either…..or – Either take it or leave it.
97. Neither…..nor– Neither he nor I was there.
98. Till– Wait till father returns.
99. Not only…..but also – He not only visited Lucknow but also Allahabad.
100. Lest – He fled lest he should be killed.

Now you have understood how you can use the conjunctions in sentences. If you are not sure about the rules of conjunctions, you should study first about them.

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