Noun Exercises with Answers (Worksheets)

Noun Exercises with Answers (Worksheets)

Noun Exercises with Answers (worksheets). Noun Exercise. Types of Noun Exercises with Answers. Common noun exercise with answers. Proper noun exercises with answers. Collective noun exercise with answer. Material noun exercises with answer. Abstract noun exercises with answer.

Before Reading Noun Exercises for practice, you must know about the definition of noun and its types with examples.

What is a Noun?

A noun is a naming word which is the name of a person, place, thing, bird or an animal. For example; balloon, dog, Taj Mahal, boy, girl, garden, honesty, truth etc.

Types of Noun

  • Proper Nouns: Paris, John Smith, Eiffel Tower
  • Common Nouns: City, Person, Tree
  • Collective Nouns: Team, Flock, Family
  • Material Nouns: Wood, Steel, Gold
  • Abstract Nouns: Love, Knowledge, Courage
  • Countable Nouns: Chair, Cat, Car
  • Uncountable Nouns: Water, Information, Happiness
  • Concrete Nouns: Mountain, Book, Elephant

Noun Exercises with Answers (Worksheets)

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Nouns Exercises with Answers

Identify the nouns in the following sentences:

  1. The workers of our company constructed a bridge over the river.
  2. The horse ran forward.
  3. Pull the rope, please.
  4. The kids played happily.
  5. Father put the packet on the table.
  6. The car ran very smoothly.
  7. Sohan writes poetry.
  8. She writes letters everyday.
  9. The ship sailed across the wide ocean.
  10. The black snake crawled out of a hole.
  11. Meera is the director of a large company.
  12. My friend came to see me in the morning.
  13. The man fed the birds and the animals well in my absence.
  14. Early one morning I saw a beautiful bird in the forest.
  15. Oh! is that your new bike?
  16. The tank was leaking yesterday.
  17. Edison invented the phonograph and the electric bulb.
  18. The early bird catches the worm.
  19. All roads lead to Rome.
  20. A sick room should be well aired.
  21. I shot an arrow into the air.
  22. The dewdrops glitter in the sunshine.
  23. Mohan gave the dog a biscuit.
  24. Sameer told us a story last night.
  25. My uncle sent me a calendar for Christmas.
  26. The old man showed her son the presents.
  27. The builder of city built a big building.
  28. When the principal had left the school, the teacher gave him a clock.
  29. Please bring me a bunch of roses.
  30. I see a dark cloud.
  31. The girl was bitten by a dog.
  32. Nothing will be gained by hurry.
  33. The letter was posted by me last night.
  34. The bird was killed by a cruel hunter.
  35. His money was lost.
  36. Her field is ploughed.
  37. The dog chased the rabbit.
  38. The exhibition was opened by the chief minister.
  39. There are twenty young people.
  40. They have come to be eaten by the giant.
  41. You cannot possibly kill the giant.
  42. The ship will sail away without you.
  43. The sky is dark with heavy clouds.
  44. He looked carefully at the little animal and decided it was not hurt.
  45. My friends are arriving tomorrow by bus.
  46. He ran here and there, but could not find his brother.
  47. The carpenter has just finished making the table.
  48. The car went up the hill so very slowly that even the pedestrians overtook it.
  49. The man drove the jeep.
  50. Brian sent the money.
  51. Chandra broke the swing.
  52. My father wrote some letters.
  53. There was a rattle of falling earth beneath him.
  54. She told us an amusing joke yesterday.
  55. The man spoke kindly to the crying child.
  56. We saw the boy walking down the road.
  57. The flying ducks were shot by the hunter.
  58. The man was frightened by the barking dog.
  59. We can’t see the sun directly.
  60. Agra is my favourite place to visit.
  61. They are playing football now.
  62. Shouting in the class is not allowed.
  63. Painting is a good way to relax.
  64. I don’t remember seeing you before.
  65. The room needs cleaning.
  66. We like to watch good dancing.

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Exercise – 1 Answers

1. workers, company, bridge, river
2. horse
3. rope
4. kids
5. Father, packet, table
6. car
7. Sohan, poetry
8. She, letters, everyday
9. ship, ocean
10. snake, hole
11. Meera, director, company
12. friend, morning
13. man, birds, animals, absence
14. morning, bird, forest
15. bike
16. tank, yesterday
17. Edison, phonograph, electric bulb
18. bird, worm
19. roads, Rome
20. room, air
21. arrow, air
22. dewdrops, sunshine
23. Mohan, dog, biscuit
24. Sameer, story, night
25. uncle, calendar, Christmas
26. man, son, presents
27. builder, city, building
28. principal, school, teacher, clock
29. bunch, roses
30. cloud
31. girl, dog
32. hurry
33. letter, me, night
34. bird, hunter
35. money
36. field
37. dog, rabbit
38. exhibition, chief minister
39. young people
40. giant
41. giant
42. ship, you
43. sky, clouds
44. animal, hurt
45. friends, tomorrow, bus
46. brother
47. carpenter, table
48. car, hill, pedestrians
49. man, jeep
50. Brian, money
51. Chandra, swing
52. father, letters
53. rattle, falling earth
54. joke, yesterday
55. man, child
56. boy, road
57. ducks, hunter
58. man, dog
59. sun
60. Agra, place
61. football
62. class
63. Painting
64. you
65. room
66. good dancing

Noun Exercise – 2 With Answers

Exercise: Read the following paragraph and find out the nouns:

Meera went to the market to get a list of things which her mother had ordered. She went to the departmental store to get the following things which were listed by her mother A bottle of jam, cheese, biscuits, a jar of honey, toothpaste, olive oil, cakes and many other things. When she came home her mother checked and found out that a few things had the expiry label on the product. What should Meera do? Should she return the wrong products or allow her mother to use them.

Exercise – 2 Answers

Meera, market, list, things, mother, departmental store, bottle, jam, cheese, biscuits, jar, honey, toothpaste, olive oil, cakes, home, expiry label, product

Exercise – 3 Proper Noun Exercise

Find out the Proper Nouns in the following sentences:

  1. We shall not go to school on Monday.
  2. He will come here in March.
  3. I do not read the Ramayana.
  4. They are reading the Gita.
  5. He is working in Samsung company.
  6. Rohan has been learning French for 5 years.
  7. Mr Sharma has taught us English for 3 years.
  8. Do you want to go to Kanpur tomorrow?
  9. He will not come here on Saturday.
  10. Ram had bought a Nokia mobile.
  11. Mrs Smith bought a cradle for her baby.
  12. She wants to work in New Delhi.
  13. I want to visit Paris. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
  14. Our told us about a story of Maharana Pratap.
  15. Peter has bought a bag of chocolates.
  16. Jane is my cousin.
  17. Anshi likes her new frock.
  18. I read in BPS international School.
  19. Sohan lives at Park Street.
  20. The Ganga is a holy river of India.

Exercise  – 3 Answers

Proper Nouns in the given sentences:

1. Monday
2. March
3. Ramayana
4. Gita
5. Samsung
6. Rohan
7. Mr. Sharma
8. English
9. Kanpur
10. Saturday
11. Ram
12. Nokia
13. Mrs. Smith
14. New Delhi
15. Paris
16. Europe
17. Maharana Pratap
18. Peter
19. Jane
20. Anshi
21. BPS International School
22. Sohan
23. Park Street
24. Ganga
25. India

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Exercise – 4 Common Noun Exercises

Read the following sentences carefully and find out the common nouns:

1. Rajesh broke his table yesterday.
2. The carpenter is making a new chair now.
3. Students are reading their old books.
4. Father had an old car two years ago.
5. Should plant trees around our houses.
6. This dog is barking at me.
7. The cat is not chasing the rats.
8. My father bought this house 5 years ago.
9. Don’t use my phone.
10. Which computer is she buying now?
11. From which city are you?
12. The sun rises in the east.
13. The moon is shining in the sky.
14. Those children want to swim in this river.
15. Do you know the highest mountain in the world?
16. Don’t pluck these flowers.
17. Why don’t you clean your shoes?
18. My friend has not be learning French for 5 years.
19. Would you give me your mobile?
20. Have you ever clean your garden?

Exercise – 4 Answers

Common Nouns in the given sentences:

1. table
2. carpenter
3. books
4. car
5. trees
6. dog
7. cat
8. house
9. phone
10. computer
11. city
12. sun
13. moon
14. children
15. mountain
16. flowers
17. shoes
18. friend
19. mobile
20. garden

Exercise – 5 Material Noun Exercises with Answers

Read the following sentences and identify the material nouns in these:

1. Don’t put wood here.
2. He is buying oil from the shop.
3. We must not use plastic bags.
4. Can you see through glass?
5. We can start using paper bags.
6. Is he wearing cotton clothes?
7. She wants to buy a silk saree.
8. My child’s leather shoes are very precious.
9. Don’t throw stones at the animals.
10. We use concrete to build our houses.
11. What are you doing with clay?
12. Do you know how to get rubber from the trees?
13. The gold of the earrings is not pure.
14. He got a silver medal in the competition.
15. This wool is not good for sweaters.
16. Can you buy brass for me?
17. He is trying to make the pots of aluminium.
18. The the bronze of this medal is pure.
19. Do you take juice everyday?
20. We must not waste water in our daily life.

Exercise – 5 Answers

Materials mentioned in the given sentences:

1. wood
2. oil
3. plastic bags
4. glass
5. paper bags
6. cotton clothes
7. silk saree
8. leather shoes
9. stones
10. concrete
11. clay
12. rubber
13. gold
14. silver
15. wool
16. brass
17. aluminium
18. bronze
19. juice
20. water

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Exercise – 6 Collective Nouns Exercise

Pick out the Collective Nouns in the following sentences:

1. I can see herd of elephants there.
2. A flock of words is flying over our heads.
3. My father saw a swarm of bees in the forest.
4. Our team of players is playing well.
5. My teacher showed us a fleet of ships in the sea.
6. She picked up a pack of cards.
7. A pack of wolves attack the goat.
8. I went to lunch with my friends who studies in my class.
9. A pride of lions attacked a herd of zebras in the forest.
10. Mr Mick kept a gaggle of geese on his farmhouse.
11. My father bought our mother a bouquet of red roses.
12. The crowd cheered the team when it won the match.
13. The police are chasing a gang of thieves on the road.
14. The washerman brought a pile of clothes.
15. This engineer has a set of tools.
16. A letter of puppies is wandering there
17. A team of doctors is treating the patient very carefully.
18. Can you pick up that stack of boxes?
19. The fox could not pluck a bunch of grapes.
20. Our army of soldiers is ready to attack the enemy.

Exercise – 6 Answers

Collective Nouns in the given sentences:

1. herd
2. flock
3. swarm
4. team
5. fleet
6. pack
7. pack
8. friends
9. pride
10. gaggle
11. bouquet
12. crowd
13. gang
14. pile
15. set
16. litter
17. team
18. stack
19. bunch
20. army

Exercise – 7 Abstract Noun Exercises

Identify the abstracts nouns in the following sentences:

1. I trust on your love.
2. It is the matter of joy.
3. Everybody praised his courage for saving the child.
4. Our wisdom can guide us toward the best decisions that we make.
5. We know that freedom is is the fundamental right of humans.
6. We must have patience while we wait for our results.
7. My grandfather always praises me for my honesty.
8. The people of this city is fighting for justice.
9. You can find happiness in your daily life.
10. The teacher always praises my knowledge of mathematics.
11. Everybody admires the beauty of nature.
12. The father of the church taught us peace brings tranquility to our soul.
13. Have you ever heard the friendship of monkey and crocodile?
14. Every student must work hard to get success in his life.
15. Our hope was that he would come to our party.
16. Do you know that creativity can fuel innovation and progress.
17. Do you know the kindness of the King Harishchandra?
18. Your sincerity can impress everyone.
19. Do you have any doubt on my determination?
20. Everybody must learn that perseverance is the key to outcoming obstacles.

Exercise – 7 Answers

Abstract Nouns in the given sentences:

1. trust
2. joy
3. courage
4. wisdom
5. freedom
6. patience
7. honesty
8. justice
9. happiness
10. knowledge
11. beauty
12. peace
13. friendship
14. success
15. hope
16. creativity
17. kindness
18. sincerity
19. doubt
20. perseverance

Exercise – 8

Identify the singular nouns in the following sentences:

1. The bird sings in the morning.
2. I have a colorful balloon for you.
3. The teacher is explaining the lesson on the whiteboard.
4. My favorite color is blue.
5. The sun sets in the evening.
6. That small baby is giggling in the crib.
7. Aman rides his bike to school every day.
8. Her mother is buying a delicious cake for her birthday.
9. The computer on my desk is not old.
10. A friendly neighbor said hello yesterday.
11. Seema wears a pretty dress to the party.
12. The moon shines in the night sky.
13. Ravi practices the piano with his piano teacher.
14. The cat is drinking milk in the kitchen.
15. I bought a cozy blanket for chilly nights.
16. A flower blooms in the spring.
17. A red apple was given me by mother.
18. The fireman bravely saved the man.
19. We can see a rainbow after the rain.
20. The doctor has prescribed this medicine for the patient.

Exercise – 8 Answers

Singular Nouns in the given sentences:

1. bird
2. balloon
3. teacher
4. color
5. sun
6. baby
7. Aman
8. cake
9. computer
10. neighbor
11. dress
12. moon
13. piano
14. cat
15. blanket
16. flower
17. apple
18. fireman
19. rainbow
20. doctor

Exercise – 9

Write the plural forms of the following nouns:

1. Dog
2. Table
3. Mountain
4. Book
5. Car
6. Bird
7. Balloon
8. Teacher
9. Color
10. Sun
11. Baby
12. Bike
13. Cake
14. Computer
15. Neighbor
16. Dress
17. Moon
18. Piano
19. Cat
20. Blanket

Exercise – 9 Answers

1. Dogs
2. Tables
3. Mountains
4. Books
5. Cars
6. Birds
7. Balloons
8. Teachers
9. Colors
10. Suns
11. Babies
12. Bikes
13. Cakes
14. Computers
15. Neighbors
16. Dresses
17. Moons
18. Pianos
19. Cats
20. Blankets

Exercise – 10

Find out countable and uncountable nouns:

1. Apple
2. Water
3. Book
4. Information
5. Car
6. Traffic
7. Dog
8. Love
9. Chair
10. Furniture
11. Banana
12. Advice
13. Cup
14. Tea
15. Friend
16. Happiness
17. Pen
18. Knowledge
19. House
20. Money
21. Cat
22. Air
23. Shoe
24. Sand
25. Child
26. Time
27. Phone
28. Music
29. Guitar
30. Weather

Exercise – 10 Answers

Countable Nouns:
1. Apple
2. Book
3. Car
4. Dog
5. Chair
6. Banana
7. Cup
8. Pen
9. House
10. Cat
11. Shoe
12. Sand
13. Child
14. Phone
15. Guitar

Uncountable Nouns:
1. Water
2. Information
3. Traffic
4. Love
5. Furniture
6. Advice
7. Tea
8. Happiness
9. Knowledge
10. Money
11. Air
12. Time
13. Music
14. Weather

Exercise – 9

Underline all the neuter gender nouns in the following.

  • boy
  • lady
  • toy
  • girl
  • man
  • daddy
  • crayon
  • book
  • uncle
  • computer
  • aunt
  • grandma
  • game
  • king
  • queen
  • chips
  • lion
  • lioness

Exercise – 11 Answers

  1. boy
  2. lady
  3. toy
  4. girl
  5. man
  6. daddy
  7. crayon
  8. book
  9. uncle
  10. computer
  11. aunt
  12. grandma
  13. game
  14. king
  15. queen
  16. chips
  17. lion
  18. lioness
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