English Grammar Exercises with answers download in PDF

English Grammar Exercises with answers download, You can get Free Grammar exercises in PDF.

English Grammar Exercises with PDF

Here is a complete list of English Grammar Exercises with answers pdf –

  • Parts of Speech Exercises
  • Vowels and consonants exercises
  • Question Tags exercises
  • Emphatic do/does/did
  • Common error exercises
  • Subject-verb Agreement exercises
  • Transformation of sentences exercises

Articles Exercises

  • A or An and The Article exercise
  • Definite articles
  • Indefinite articles
  • Articles Exercises
  • Verb ‘To Be’ exercises
  • Parts of Speech exercises

Noun Exercises

  • Nouns exercises
  • Common Noun and Proper Noun Exercises
  • Collective Noun Exercises
  • Material and Abstract Noun exercises
  • Countable and Uncountable noun exercises
  • Gender Exercises
  • Singular and plural Exercises
  • Kinds of noun exercises

Pronoun Exercises

  • Pronoun exercise
  • kinds of pronoun exercises
  • Personal Pronoun exercise
  • Interrogative Pronoun exercises
  • Demonstrative exercises
  • Reflexive pronoun exercises
  • Emphatic pronoun exercises
  • Reciprocal pronoun Exercises
  • Distributive pronoun exercises
  • Relative pronoun exercises
  • Indefinite pronoun exercises

Adjective Exercises

  • Adjective exercises
  • Kind of adjective exercise
  • Adjective of quality exercises
  • Adjective of quantity exercises
  • adjective of Number exercises
  • Demonstrative adjective exercises
  • Interrogative Pronoun Exercises
  • Distributive adjective exercises
  • Degree of adjective exercise
  • Much and Many exercise
  • Determiners exercises

Verbs Exercises

  • Verb exercises
  • Kinds of verbs exercises
  • Forms of verbs exercises
  • Transitive and Intransitive verbs exercises
  • Linking verbs exercise
  • Primary Auxiliary verbs exercises
  • Modal Auxiliaries exercises
  • May and might exercise
  • Can and could exercise
  • May, might, can and could exercise
  • Shall and Will exercises
  • Should, Must, would and ought to exercises
  • Need, used to and dare exercise
  • Has to, have to and had to exercise
  • Will have to and Shall have to exercises
  • Regular and Irregular verbs exercises

Tenses Exercises

  • Tense Exercises
  • Present tense exercises
  • Past tense exercises
  • Future Tense exercises
  • Simple Present Tense exercises
  • Simple Past tense exercises
  • Simple Future Tense exercises
  • All tenses exercises
  • Interchange of tenses exercises

Voice Exercises

  • Active and Passive Voice Exercises
  • Change the voice exercises

Narration Exercises

  • Direct and indirect speech exercises

Sentences Exercises

  • Simple sentences exercises
  • Negative and Interrogative sentences exercises
  • Imperative sentences
  • Question making exercises
  • Interrogative sentences exercises
  • Exclamatory sentences exercises
  • Conversion of sentences exercises
  • Punctuation exercises
  • Complex Sentences exercises
  • Compound sentences exercises

Adverbs Exercises

  • Adverbs Exercise
  • Kinds of Adverb exercises
  • Adverbs of time exercise
  • Adverbs of place exercises
  • Adverbs of Number exercises
  • Adverbs of Manner exercises
  • Adverbs of degree or quantity exercises
  • Adverbs of affirmation exercises
  • Adverbs of negation exercises
  • Relative adverbs exercises
  • Interrogative adverbs exercises
  • Degree of comparison of adverbs exercises
  • Formation of adverbs exercises

Preposition Exercises

  • Preposition Exercises
  • Preposition of time exercises
  • Preposition of place exercises
  • Mixed preposition exercises

Conjunction Exercises

  • Conjunctions exercises
  • Conjunctions of time Exercises
  • Conjunctions of reason exercises
  • Conjunctions of result or consequence exercise
  • Conjunctions of purpose exercise
  • Conjunctions of Comparison exercises
  • Conjunctions of condition exercises
  • Conjunctions of extent or manner exercises
  • Conjunctions of concession or contrast

Clauses Exercises

  • Clauses exercise
  • Kinds of clauses exercises
  • Noun Clause exercise
  • Adjective clause exercise
  • Adverb clause exercise

Interjection exercises

  • Interjection exercise

Non-Finite Exercises

  • Infinitive exercises
  • Gerund Exercises
  • Participle Exercises
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